Young World
To the Rescue
This is regarding the story ‘To the rescue’ by Mohammad Bilal Arshad,( September 20th 2014}.
I really liked the story because it had a moral i.e. to keep your calm and cool even when faced with a difficult situation.
James was on his own. His parents had asked him to rely only on Uncle Woods. One night, James was informed that his parents were missing. James remembered his father’s advice to go to Uncle Woods in case of trouble.
Uncle Woods was James father’s business partner. He wanted to take over James father’s business and so he kidnapped them. But because James kept his sanity in the threatening situation and acted with bravery, he was able to rescue his parents from the clutches of the enemy.
I liked the story because upon first read I thought Uncle Woods was a good person but it was upon the third read that I figured who the real culprit was.
Mohammad Bilal has written a true mysterious piece. He creates suspense in a manner that perplexes the reader which is a quality of a true thriller.
Emily Dickinson and Super mums of the animal world.
This is with reference to Emily Dickinson’s quote (September 20, 2014), A mother is one to whom you hurry when you are troubled.’ I will compare this quote with the article titled ‘Super mums of the animal world’ by Ambreen Arshad. The maternal instinct is a universal one. It is common to all animals. Humans were also once animals in the form of apes. A mother nurtures her child till he/she is able to fend for themselves. Even then the relationship between a mother and child does not change.
The paternal instinct is equally important. However, it has a changed role. Fathers help in fulfilling the basic needs as well as desires of their children. They think and act from the brain whilst the maternal instinct is that of the soul.
So the maternal and paternal instincts are both equally important. It is only that each comes with a different set of responsibilities.


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