The zero footprint Qurbani.

This is with regard to “The zero footprint Qurbani”, October 5, 2014 by Sajida Ali.
The title is interesting and meaningful.
Islam is a religion that is based in the belief of being clean and observing cleanliness at all times as supported by the hadith “safai nisf imaan hai.”
Eid Ul Adha is a festival that is celebrated in the remembrance of Hazrat Ibrahim’s sacrifice. Muslims all over the world observe this festival with a high spirit and zeal. The sacrifice is made but without executing the rules for cleanliness.
The article outlines Zahrah Nasir’s significant suggestions to carry out a clean and environment friendly Eid. Sajida Ali has articulated with a visible clarity the steps advised by Zahrah Nasir to carry out a dirt free Eid.
If all citizens hold meetings within their neighborhood pointing out suggestions on how to carry out a pollution free Qurbani, the city/country would be rid of diseases such as dengue and swine flu that are spread by pests which feed on dirt.
The power to make a’ Naya Pakistan’, lies in the hands of the people of the country. If we become united as a nation and if Muslim countries take an oath to stand by each other through thick and thin, the world would soon become a war-free zone.
The power of the pen is mighty. It is enough to create a tremor if used correctly. Spread awareness regarding essential issues to attain peace. So become aware and use it as a tool to guide others.


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