India versus Pakistan

However, coming back to the topic, the line of control issue is a grave concern. Pakistan, the land of the pure is the land of its citizens. The Pakistani flag which is green and white represents the minority and majority. It respects the rights of both.
The ongoing enmity between India and Pakistan over various issues (Kargil, Kashmir, Mumbai carnage) has become a matter of laughter in the foreign circles.
The present issue of the firing on the line of control in Sialkot has raised many eyebrows.
I remember when I was a student of the O’level our history teacher taught us from Rabbani’s book. It had the basic facts and was an easy read.
However, the feelings of mutual hatred between the countries existed since I was old enough to comprehend the situation.
My trip to India, (Amritsar,Delhi,Agra) changed my perspective about the educated Indian public. The Sikhs were extremely hospitable whilst those in Delhi led a simple way of life. The Taj Mahal was a beauty. Although it had yellowed because of the pollution in the Ganga Jamna, yet it had been preserved.
Comparing this to my recent visit to the Lahore Fort, I was extremely disappointed to see the fort in ruins. However, I was pleased to see that restorative work was being done on the Badshahi Mosque.
However, coming back to the topic, the line of control issue is of grave concern. I think immediate talks for peace should be given another chance. The USA has supported Malala Yousafzai, giving her the Nobel Prize for Peace. It is important that we as responsible citizens of Pakistan pick up our pens and make the unaware aware of the negatives as well as positives of the situation in Pakistan. Apart from militancy, extremism, there is good work being done also such as the recognition of Edhi and Malala who work for the well- being of the poor and fight for peace and education respectively.
India is an important and immediate neighbor. Trade can be carried out very easily between the 2 regions. To sit back and observe the killings of innocent people is a sin in itself. The world will only respect you if you respect yourself. The pen is mightier that the sword. So spread awareness and write rather than fight.
Long, Live, Pakistan.


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