The CSS Dilemma

The Central Superior Services exam abbreviated to CSS is highly competitive. There are four parts to a CSS examination- a screening test, a written examination where medical fitness tests and examination is executed, psychological assessment and the viva.
“According to notification of Federal Public Service Commission, 439 candidates have qualified in the written part of CSS Competitive Examination out of 13,170 candidates appeared. The number of male candidates passed is 294 and female 145 and pass percentage is 3.3 percent. Candidates who have passed the written examination will be intimated of schedule of medical examination, psychological assessment and viva voice.”
The CSS exam is merit based. There are only 240 vacancies. This year around 400 students cleared the written exam. After the written exam, the next two parts will be carried out. The final result will be announced in May/June of 2015. The psychological exam is perhaps the toughest of all. The examiners ask all sorts of personal questions to assess the personality of the candidate.
Once all exams are cleared and the unsuccessful candidates are screened out, allocation of seats takes place. The candidates are allocated seats according to their first and second preferences respectively.
There are various posts such as Foreign Service, Police, Passe, Income Tax, etc. The candidates who have cleared the four stages but do not hold a position, however, are not entertained.
CSS is an extensive exam and requires heavy concentration and preparation. It is very difficult to accept the fact that one has failed. However, acceptance rather than denial is the key to move forward in life. Instead of weeping over your failure look at the positive side- your knowledge has increased beyond your imagination and with this knowledge you can surpass all obstacles.
To all those candidates who have not made it- put your head up and take a fresh start. Congratulate yourself on having reached this level instead of being depressed. So come on and hold yourselves high. Hooray!


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