Reformation In Islam

Reformation can be negative or positive, right or wrong. However, Islam is just a religion and a religion it is only. There is no single authority such as a Muslim Pope or Vatican which is there to affirm right or wrong. Reformation of Islam has been taking place for over 100 years.
Every Muslim has his own interpretation of Islam depending upon historical, cultural, philosophical influences. The ISIS and Al Qaeda are not religious authorities. They are engineers and mathematicians. The religious authority has been vested with the Ulema for almost 14 centuries.
Issues such as the blasphemy law, law for minorities and the death penalty are laws that need to be written down and observed. Sentencing criminals to life imprisonment, especially when the flawed judicial system allows prisoners to escape the jails through bribery and corruption is the current practice. Prisoners need to be punished for the heinous crimes they have committed as is in accordance with Islam. Learning the dogma or doctrine of Islam is not enough. It is not wrong to study religion in the light of Sunnah and hadith but it is equally important to know the background in terms of the literary influences.
Wahabbism is the kind of Islam that is being practiced in Islam for over 150 years. It is unfair or rather incorrect to deem Wahabbism as a wrong type of faith. However, it is equally grotesque to say that there is just one correct interpretation of Islam.
So to conclude sectarianism is only leading to violence and bloodshed- a sign of reformation. It is never a peaceful process. It is always bloody. Therefore one must practice tolerance and respect for the different kinds of Islam that have propped up over the decades.


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