the grasshopper, the butterfly and the honeybee.

It was a clear sunny morning of January. Birds were chirping here and there. A pale yellow butterfly flitted from one flower to another and the grasshopper hopped from leaf to leaf. Clearly it was spring.
There was a silent dialogue going on between the two insects.
“Dearest grasshopper do you like flowers?”
“Chirp Chirp Chirp “, went the birds.
“No I am asking grasshopper”, said the naughty butterfly
“Who doesn’t like flowers my dear butterfly”, murmured the grasshopper in a teasing tone.
The dialogue ended here and both insects were busied in their jobs when all of a sudden, honey bee came. “I want to drink the pollen from the flowers” she said angrily.
“Go away you silly butterfly.”
“This is my territory.”
The humble butterfly left the scene. In less than a minute a 100 butterflies came and told the honey bee to shove off.
“We are small and delicate but we are united. You honeybee may sting us and use a shrill tone but where is the rest of your swarm. You stand alone“
The honey bee flushed with embarrassment hid in a corner. Her internal dialogue began to sweep through her brain.
‘I should not have done this. It was wrong of me to assume power on the basis of might. I should apologize.’
‘Noooo’, said another voice. You are big and mighty. You don’t need to step back. Answer the butterfly with arrogance. You have all the power in the world. Sting her. Make her die.”
‘NOOO don’t listen to your desires. Control your nafs and prepare for personal jihad. Shed off your wrong defense and listen to your heart.”
‘NOOO’ ‘ YESSSS’ ‘Do This’ ‘No choose this;’ a clamour of voices began to swirl through her mind.
“STOP!”, shrieked the honey bee. Be quiet. Let me decide what to do.”
The grasshopper was a silent spectator to the entire scene. He observed and listened patiently.
It was the break of dawn. The entire day had passed in an uneasiness that was sapping the energy from the souls of the insect kingdom. Dew drops rested heavily on the plants, bending the stems with its weight. The mood was melancholy.
The grasshopper assumed his seat as the judge. The entire insect kingdom had gathered to face the trial of the honeybee and butterfly.
‘Order, Order’, echoed in the hall as the grasshopper hit the gavel onto the desk. The trial had begun.
Grasshopper: What would you like to say in your defense, honeybee.
Honeybee: Your Honour I would like to apologize to the butterfly for my arrogant behavior. I was taken over by demonic forces and could not suppress my desires and pride. I understand might is not right. I should not use my power against the tiny and meek. Rather I should support them. Please exempt me from punishment.
Grasshopper: Butterfly what do you have to say?
Butterfly: I am vibrant and delicate but I am not proud like the honeybee. I like to learn to share and care. And for this very reason I forgive the honeybee. I have nothing more to say.
Grasshopper smiling amicably says: I am proud of the wisdom shown by both of you. But, I would like to give you a piece of advice. Do not act on impulse. When the mind and the heart are caught in a battle, take your time to decide. It is wise to consult your mentor. Make an informed decision rather than one that is spontaneous.
Now go to your homes and ponder over the events of today. Reflect for reflection is very important. Life is like a roller coaster ride with ups and downs. It is a struggle and those who are positive in difficult times will emerge successful as opposed to the failures who though only negative.


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