Glaciers & climate change.

There are 3 main mountain ranges in Pakistan-the Himalayas, the Karakoram and the Hindukush. K2, the second highest peak in the world lies in the mountain range of Himalayas whilst Nanga Parbat is the highest peak of the Karakoram range.
The climate in these areas is extremely cold. The peaks are snowcapped and there are many glaciers lying on these peaks. According to ICIMOD estimates Pakistan is home to around 5218 glaciers with a total area of 15040 sq km and in addition around 2420 glacial lakes are also identified and mapped in Pakistan. Karakorum Range has the greatest share in hosting much of the glaciated ice where almost 37% of the region is under the glaciers.
The Siachen glacier is the second longest glacier in the world. It lies in the disputed territory between India and Pakistan.
These glaciers are a major source of water for agriculture and domestic use. However, because of climate change these glaciers are melting fast causing a halt in the supply of fresh drinking water, water for agriculture and hydro- electric power.
Despite all these odds glaciers add to the scenic beauty of the area.
Despite natural disasters Pakistan has still survived. This is owing to the fact that Pakistanis have faith in the Almighty. Natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, draught, famine, floods have struck Pakistan endlessly. Yet Pakistan seems to come out of the disasters because of the help and faith in the Almighty.
The more one spends in the name of charity and for humanitarian causes, the more his pocket is widened. So don’t be stingy and spend in the name of Allah.


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