It was tough, it was slippery, it was square and untidy. Can you guess what it was? No!I am not going to let you know that easy. Hold your horses! Okay. Let me give you some hints.
It is brownish white in colour.
It has to be cooked over high flame. But then everything needs to be cooked over fire.:(
What is it?
Ideally it is supposed to be round and thin. It should bloat like an arrogant person. Now you can guess, now can you? It is pretty simple.
It fills your stomach. Not too much of it should be eaten. Don’t eat it greedily. Avarice is the one of the seven deadly sins. So beware!
It is usually eaten with curry. It is a produced in the South Asian countries. It is their staple diet.
It helps ease constipation. AARGH! I can hear someone in pain.
My shit is not coming out. It is stuck!
Oh my! My patience is being tested. What is it? I can’t seem to guess.
Okay. Relax. I will ease your pain and bring you out of the misery of ignorance.
It is ……. Hahaha
I leave it to you to guess.


The upside down worldmap


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