Status Quo versus Equality

The status quo or hierarchal top exists in most developmental projects being executed. Millions of rupees in the form of foreign aid is being wasted in the name of development. Instead of spending money on organizing seminars and meeting that cost a lot in terms of airfare and luxury hotels, it is imperative on our so termed ‘leaders’ to spend the same amount of money on training and recruiting individuals. To educate the youth and to make them self-sufficient should be the goal of our leaders. It will help build a better nation and brighten the future of Pakistan.
Now coming back to projects, it is essential for the leaders to set realistic goals for the projects- goals that can be achieved. Many people are becoming unemployed because of the fast pace of change of technology. People are losing their jobs. Adapting to change is the key to success as suggested by Darwin’s theory of evolution. However, there are people who cannot cope with change and they are eliminated.
Eradicating the status quo will bring in equality-equality of income, equality of class, etc. The elite are enjoying their riches without giving an ounce of their money for charity. Spending in the name of Allah, not only purifies the soul but also purifies the society if social ills. When there is equality, there is no unrest in the society because no one is part of the rat race. There is no pressure on the poor to compete with the rich because everyone eats from the same place.
To conclude, charity begins at home. Treat your servants well, treat your family well and respect your elders. Respect is earned by giving respect to others.


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