Terrorism- a philosohy to eradicae “vice-“( pun intended)

The Quran says:
Read in the name of Thy Lord, who creath-
Man from blood coagulated
Read for THY Lord is generous kind
Who by the pen taught mankind.

When a baby is born, he is given 2 organs without which he cannot function- a heart and a mind. The heart follows instinct whilst the mind or brain is based on reason. There is a continuous struggle going on between the two and this is what we call jehad-e-nafs- controlling our desires.
The recent suicide attack on the innocent children of the army public school in Peshawar is a grotesque incident that deserves criticism.
It has left many mothers weeping-“un ki goad ujarr gai.”
Several families have been destroyed. Some have lost their sons, whilst others have lost their daughters.
However, the spirit of the parents and the fellow classmates did not cease. Full of fervor and zeal, there was no obstacle that could deter them from being given justice. They were not seen shedding a single tear- “yai shaheed hain aur shahadat bohat bara uhda hai.”
The entire country joined hands and woke up from jahaliat to condemn the inhumane and cruel act.
Today we see our country standing united against terrorism- children, the aged, adults, men and women- all have made some sort of an effort to condemn the brutal act and bring it to the notice of those who are in power.
The question that is important is that “For how long will we stay quiet?” When will we demand our rights? We need to put our foot down against the injustices being met out to us whether on a personal level or a political level!


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