Film Review

Step up 2: The Streets, is a romance and a musical film. Directed by Max Miliian the film captures the endurance and perseverance Andie, (Briana Evigan) the heroine has to show in order to regain her respect.
Andie an orphan lives with her aunt. She acts on impulse with the consequence that she does not achieve anything. Andie gets admission in a school but she is expelled. She returns home but is not welcomed. It is then that she decides that she cannot give up. She needs to struggle and regain her respect. She forms a crew and they perform on the streets. However, when her aunt forbids her to go back to the streets, she complies. She realizes love and family is important but she is unhappy inside.
Then one day the doorbell rings. Andie’s aunt opens the door and guess who’s there- Andie’s friends. Andie hesitates but her aunt tells her to move on. Andie is overjoyed. She performs on the streets and wins from the other street dancers. She is satisfied and happy. The same principal who expelled her offers her the job again.
The film is crude yet in its roughness it spreads the message of love and peace. It shows how material things are unimportant and it is friends and family bonds and ties that are the truly significant.


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