Lifestyle and Success.

Indulging in luxury is a lifestyle that can be afforded only by those who earn success and knowledge. To earn respect is no different than earning the luxuries of life. Knowledge and education is the key to finding fulfillment and happiness. Being around your friends, being around your family, being around your loved ones who love you unconditionally is what matters the most.

The Christian parable of Adam and Eve is symbolic of spiritual goodness. The snake deceived Eve and hence ruined the garden of peace and love. Positivity and optimism are qualities of an extrovert. Pessimism and negativity match an introvert. Confidence is seen in an extrovert. An extrovert covers his/her failure and holds his head high even in the case of failure. An introvert falls flat when faced with a challenge.

There are people who are sincere to you and those who are double faced. However, one needs to understand the strategy of dealing with different types of people. Some can be changed with love whilst others need to be shown the way. Some learn the lesson the hard way whilst others are softened by love. Moderation and keeping a balance between emotions is the key to a secure and happy future. Excess of anything is bad-be it food, love, money, etc. Excess of any emotions is to commit the seven deadly sins.

We need to learn to overcome our extremities and live a balanced life. This is the answer to all unanswered questions.


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