The power of positive thinking.

The theory of deconstruction interprets ones moods and gestures. For instance, the colour symbolism such as black stands for different connotations in different religions. To one person black may stand for elite and sophisticated whilst to another it maybe the colour of sorrow. It is how you interpret the meaning of a certain colour or gesture according to cultural differences.

If you convert the negatives into positives and vice versa the result you achieve will be the consequence of the thinking embedded in your head. Either you think negative and continue to harp upon the negative elements or you move on and find the positive ions instilled within your negative ions and put them to work.

The more negative you think the more negative it will become. If you forget your negativity and find happiness within negative elements you will generate positive vibes and find happiness.

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The lesson.

Roger was a rich boy born in an aristocratic society. Spoilt by the luxuries of his family, he had no morals or values. He had ruined many a girls life by luring them into the web of his witty conversation and good looks.

However, he could not lure Sheela. Sheela was one such woman who was experienced in the office work and knew how to deal with lewd men like Roger.

She invited Roger to her office. Roger in a drunken stupor advanced towards her. Sheela let him advance on her. She wanted to teach him a lesson.

‘So Hi Roger, how are you?’

‘I’m good, what about you’, he said attractively to sheela.

Sheela took out her video camera and let Roger do what he wanted to.

Suddenly the lights went out.

Roger taking advantage of the darkness advanced towards her.

The lights came back to give Roger a shock.

He was found in his wife’s arms whilst sheela was standing behind.

Roger was given death sentence for toying with two lives.

This was the final verdict.

Moral: Sheela had taught Roger a lesson to be learnt for lifetime.


The Courtesan at War

The word ‘courtesan’ is often misinterpreted and considered derogatory. Why? A courtesan is iconic of virtue, refinement and excellence. Thrown at the mercy of the society the courtesan learns to fight against her circumstances to emerge successful. She serves as a role model for other women. Well read on nearly all the issues she can easily shut the mouths of lewd men. She makes her own destiny. She gives the pleasure of her company to only those who can afford her.

Fashion and witty conversation is her main defense against the patriarchal setup. She can easily turn the tables in her favour. Her defense is her sword-the sword of the pen and the real sword. She is strong as iron and will not let her emotions stand in the way of success and leadership.

A courtesan is a woman of dignity. She is in a position to dictate her terms to men. She is wary of expressing any emotions and it takes only a true man to uncover the beauty hidden beneath the daring soul. She can be dangerously playful just like the greedy men around her and then suddenly become cruel and thrust him out of her life. She plays the game on her own terms. No one has the power to take from her what is her’s solely-her charm, wit, beauty are all forces that combine to outwit the double faced men in the society.


Why am I here?

A simple and clear account of why you are here. There is no verbosity. It touches the heart and reaches out to the soul. There are people who will pull your leg and kick you like a football. But at the same time there are those who will encourage you and ask you to pull up your socks. And then there is your family who stands by you through thick and thin. However, all of the trusted relations can sometimes take a 360 degree turn. It is important to understand the true meaning of failure? To repeatedly get up despite falling is not failure. Failure is when you cannot get up after falling down.
I am here to learn the art of blogging. Why? because writing gives you power. I want to write about films, fashion and creative writing. It is my passion.

My Not So Desi Life

It’s easy to lose sight of the purpose of a journey, the reason you started a task. You could be making your way down the long winding road of life, or simply walk into a room and forget why and how you got there.

I started this blog in June, mainly because I have a passion for writing, but I also wanted to share a bit of my life with everyone who’s willing to read. I wanted to write about my life in India. Why I love this country so much, what I hate about it. I wanted to rave and complain, but share the joy and happiness that I’ve found here too.

It’s something that we should all do once in a while, to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Whether it’s something as small as calling your friend or as big as life itself…

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I am Beenish Mahmood from Lahore, Pakistan. New to blogging want to learn its art since writing is my passion. I am a magazine reporter but due to a long commute decided to work from home. The areas of my interest are films, creative writing and fashion.


Ik open wordpress en zie staan :

Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself

Today’s assignment: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

Om de plaats van een beginneling in een gevestigd systeem te respecteren : een gehoorzame introductie.

Op basis van de stel-jezelf-eens-de-vraagsuggesties :

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?

Wel, goede vraag. Heb blogs altijd leuk gevonden, wou het ook al langer eens proberen maar was nooit zeker dat ik wel iets te vertellen had. Ook nu ik er aan begonnen ben, ben ik nog niet overtuigd dat ik iets te vertellen heb, en of dat als ik al iets te vertellen heb, dat lezenswaardig kan zijn voor andere mensen. Maar ik heb een probleem met alcohol dat ik nu wil aanpakken. En door deze voornemens publiek te maken (het idee dat de mogelijkheid bestaat dat iemand dit ooit leest is al voldoende)…

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My Portable Desk

Learning how to cook is an art. However,picking up the pen and writing is also an art. You should be able to write without losing focus. Cooking is therapeutic but writing plays the same role. Writing enhances confidence which mere cooking does not help. Being able to take your own decisions and being practical also helps. Without sound knowledge one cannot comment on political or religious issues. However, mastering your art and specializing in one field helps too. Focusing on one area of interest will help and avoid one from digressing into diverse issues. Extremism of any sort is not good. One needs to have a little bit of know how on all topics to be able to cast the right vote. However, to earn a living one needs to specialize in their field. And success comes with earning respect.

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My Writing Board

I have always tried to write.  I didn’t understand what the need was all about, but growing up writing was the one thing that soothed me and helped me block out (temporarily) all the dysfunctional crap that went on in my family.  I didn’t have a desk but I had my board.  It was a large cutting board from the kitchen that I would place across my lap and just sit like that for hours writing up stupid stuff.  My mom was angry when she discovered her cutting board gone, but when she saw how it was being used she swallowed up her angry thoughts and left them unspoken.  Over the years my siblings thought it would be funny to place their mark on it with a witty (lewd) cartoon drawing or a a simple Marlyn was here scribble.  My brothers were recently shocked to find that the board still exists and that it has…

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PK- An Awakening

PK an Indian film touches upon several grave issues faced by every society.

Starring Anushka Sharma and Aamir Khan as the lead roles, the film shows how individuals of a society are condemned by religious charlatans.

Aamir Khan (PK) is an alien who has come onto planet Earth.

Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) is a journalist, always on the lookout for a steamy story.

Broken-hearted by the love of her life, Sarfraz on her wedding day, she feels as if her world has collapsed. The relationship is seemingly a failure because of religious differences- Sarfraz is a Muslim whilst Jaggu is a Hindu. Whilst Jaggu is covering the story of the alien, she is undeniably helped by PK in reuniting Sarfraz and herself.

As the film opens we see Aamir Khan, struggling to come to terms with life on earth. Not knowing the basic mannerisms of the life on earth he is treaded upon by everyone. There is comic relief given to the audience when Aamir Khan in an attempt to cover his nudity ends dressing up as half-woman half-man.

Aamir Khan is trying hard to make sense of his abnormal existence in the so termed normal world (pun intended).He stumbles upon the statue of the Hindu Bhagwan, and is coerced into buying it, believing it will perform a miracle for him. However, just as water cannot sprout out from a stone, so his prayers remain unanswered. In a frenzy, he goes to the Church thinking Bhagwan would help him here, but again cultural differences make him look like a fool here as well. The meanings attributed to the colours black and white are very different in different religions. Whilst black stands for veiled woman or evil in Islam, white is for purity, black is for widow in Christianity whilst white for bride, white for ‘vidvah’ in Hinduism.

As Khan goes journeying from Hinduism to Islam to Christianity he uncovers a significant question- What is the role played by the different religious leaders? He answers his own question when the Hindu Guruji poses a question of ‘umeed’ given to the poor in the form of gurus. Khan defends himself beautifully and answers with an air of confidence and belief- ‘Why do you not give money to the poor rather than taking from them? If someone is unwell, why do you not help him rather than asking him to travel 2000 km in search of a ‘mandir’?

Through this entire argument, Khan establishes an important fact- there is only one God and God exists in our hearts. The people who are there to represent God are just mere quacks.

Whilst this is happening, there is a bomb blast in Delhi. The blame game is played as the Muslims are held responsible. Khan helps unravel the mystery of the hideous attack on humanity. He places before us an important issue-the question of identity? Who are we? Are we Muslims? Are we Hindus? Are we Sikhs or are we Christians? The only difference is of that of our appearances and appearances can be very deceiving he shows by shuffling the dresses of the different personas of different religions. In the end we are all humans, more than being a Hindu, Muslim or Sikh.

PK is an eye opener for the youth of today- it is important to invest in education to avoid falling prey to religious fanatics. A beautifully constructed film that in the arms of romance explores important issues, it is a worthwhile watch.