PK- An Awakening

PK an Indian film touches upon several grave issues faced by every society.

Starring Anushka Sharma and Aamir Khan as the lead roles, the film shows how individuals of a society are condemned by religious charlatans.

Aamir Khan (PK) is an alien who has come onto planet Earth.

Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) is a journalist, always on the lookout for a steamy story.

Broken-hearted by the love of her life, Sarfraz on her wedding day, she feels as if her world has collapsed. The relationship is seemingly a failure because of religious differences- Sarfraz is a Muslim whilst Jaggu is a Hindu. Whilst Jaggu is covering the story of the alien, she is undeniably helped by PK in reuniting Sarfraz and herself.

As the film opens we see Aamir Khan, struggling to come to terms with life on earth. Not knowing the basic mannerisms of the life on earth he is treaded upon by everyone. There is comic relief given to the audience when Aamir Khan in an attempt to cover his nudity ends dressing up as half-woman half-man.

Aamir Khan is trying hard to make sense of his abnormal existence in the so termed normal world (pun intended).He stumbles upon the statue of the Hindu Bhagwan, and is coerced into buying it, believing it will perform a miracle for him. However, just as water cannot sprout out from a stone, so his prayers remain unanswered. In a frenzy, he goes to the Church thinking Bhagwan would help him here, but again cultural differences make him look like a fool here as well. The meanings attributed to the colours black and white are very different in different religions. Whilst black stands for veiled woman or evil in Islam, white is for purity, black is for widow in Christianity whilst white for bride, white for ‘vidvah’ in Hinduism.

As Khan goes journeying from Hinduism to Islam to Christianity he uncovers a significant question- What is the role played by the different religious leaders? He answers his own question when the Hindu Guruji poses a question of ‘umeed’ given to the poor in the form of gurus. Khan defends himself beautifully and answers with an air of confidence and belief- ‘Why do you not give money to the poor rather than taking from them? If someone is unwell, why do you not help him rather than asking him to travel 2000 km in search of a ‘mandir’?

Through this entire argument, Khan establishes an important fact- there is only one God and God exists in our hearts. The people who are there to represent God are just mere quacks.

Whilst this is happening, there is a bomb blast in Delhi. The blame game is played as the Muslims are held responsible. Khan helps unravel the mystery of the hideous attack on humanity. He places before us an important issue-the question of identity? Who are we? Are we Muslims? Are we Hindus? Are we Sikhs or are we Christians? The only difference is of that of our appearances and appearances can be very deceiving he shows by shuffling the dresses of the different personas of different religions. In the end we are all humans, more than being a Hindu, Muslim or Sikh.

PK is an eye opener for the youth of today- it is important to invest in education to avoid falling prey to religious fanatics. A beautifully constructed film that in the arms of romance explores important issues, it is a worthwhile watch.


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