Shanghai nights

Shanghai nights, a film starring Jackie Chan as the lead role, is set in England. Produced and directed by David Dobken, it is an action film. Structured around the emotion of revenge, Chon and Lin (brother and sister) seek to avenge their father’s death by an English man.

Roy ‘O Bannon (Owen Wilson) is Chon’s best pal. He is a waiter at a hotel and owes Chon money. However, despite the fact that he is poor, his wit and sarcasm help him to survive under any circumstance. He is a ‘loose’ man enticed easily by women. However, despite his bad habit, he stands by his friend Chon.

Chon is struggling to look for the imperial seal that was passed on by emperor Genghis Khan to the upcoming rulers. Chon’s father is murdered by a lusty man who is hungry for the power of the seal. Chon’s father passes to Chon a puzzle that he must unlock.

As Roy and Chon persevere together to hunt down the imperial seal, Roy falls in love with Lin. The hot love affair between Roy and Lin makes Roy realize what the meaning of true love is. He is able to overcome his temptations of lust. Roy is able to kill the demon within him and for that he is rewarded at the end with the honor of bravery.

The happy go lucky Roy always sees the positive side of life. It is his optimism that enables him to get through life. Life is a struggle for everyone and those who are able to get through it emerge successful. A timeless classic it withstands the test of time.


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