My Portable Desk

Learning how to cook is an art. However,picking up the pen and writing is also an art. You should be able to write without losing focus. Cooking is therapeutic but writing plays the same role. Writing enhances confidence which mere cooking does not help. Being able to take your own decisions and being practical also helps. Without sound knowledge one cannot comment on political or religious issues. However, mastering your art and specializing in one field helps too. Focusing on one area of interest will help and avoid one from digressing into diverse issues. Extremism of any sort is not good. One needs to have a little bit of know how on all topics to be able to cast the right vote. However, to earn a living one needs to specialize in their field. And success comes with earning respect.

la chica dark

My Writing Board

I have always tried to write.  I didn’t understand what the need was all about, but growing up writing was the one thing that soothed me and helped me block out (temporarily) all the dysfunctional crap that went on in my family.  I didn’t have a desk but I had my board.  It was a large cutting board from the kitchen that I would place across my lap and just sit like that for hours writing up stupid stuff.  My mom was angry when she discovered her cutting board gone, but when she saw how it was being used she swallowed up her angry thoughts and left them unspoken.  Over the years my siblings thought it would be funny to place their mark on it with a witty (lewd) cartoon drawing or a a simple Marlyn was here scribble.  My brothers were recently shocked to find that the board still exists and that it has…

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