The Courtesan at War

The word ‘courtesan’ is often misinterpreted and considered derogatory. Why? A courtesan is iconic of virtue, refinement and excellence. Thrown at the mercy of the society the courtesan learns to fight against her circumstances to emerge successful. She serves as a role model for other women. Well read on nearly all the issues she can easily shut the mouths of lewd men. She makes her own destiny. She gives the pleasure of her company to only those who can afford her.

Fashion and witty conversation is her main defense against the patriarchal setup. She can easily turn the tables in her favour. Her defense is her sword-the sword of the pen and the real sword. She is strong as iron and will not let her emotions stand in the way of success and leadership.

A courtesan is a woman of dignity. She is in a position to dictate her terms to men. She is wary of expressing any emotions and it takes only a true man to uncover the beauty hidden beneath the daring soul. She can be dangerously playful just like the greedy men around her and then suddenly become cruel and thrust him out of her life. She plays the game on her own terms. No one has the power to take from her what is her’s solely-her charm, wit, beauty are all forces that combine to outwit the double faced men in the society.


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