What is faith?

What is faith? It is belief in one God. Not associating any partners with the Omniscient and Omnipresent is the basic principle of faith. Helping others in difficult times is faith. Keeping moderation in your acts is faith. Going to two extremes is a violation of faith. Doing what you feel like doing is faith. Speaking the truth except that which harms someone is faith. Helping humanity within a balance is faith. Earning halal money is faith. Doing things on time is faith. Sharing the burden is faith. Doing your own work is faith. Facing challenges is faith. Spending according to your status is faith. Keeping your friends is faith. Keeping family commitments is faith. Having knowledge and earning respect and success is faith.
Faith evolves with the passage of time. To the modern woman faith has a different concept. It is based on performing well in the work arena. Prayer is an essential component of faith. However, praying without faith means that praying at the expense of your work is not deemed as faith. A person maybe good at heart but if does not pray five times a day will still have faith. Praying is an added benefit to earn good deeds on the Day of Judgement. If you pray but you are not kind to others it is equivalent to sinning. However, if your intention is good then your act will be judged accordingly.
If you have lost something important then only proving yourself to be worthy of recognition is faith. Praying relentlessly without making an effort to prove your-self is not faith. Faith becomes strong with knowledge and education. Following religion blindly i.e. without questioning and thinking of the cost-benefit analysis is fanaticism. However, to every person faith may be a different concept. To respect religious tolerance is also faith but again the basic principle remains the same-not to associate any partners with God. There is only one God.
Observing neutrality in the matter of religion is important. Being practical is also important. Bookish knowledge alone cannot help. Implementing this knowledge also means faith. Traveling to different places, learning about cultural and religious differences is also faith. Learning about different issues that brings you knowledge and confidence to take your own decisions is also faith.
Respecting your parents is faith. However, becoming a slave to their mentality is not faith. Being able to identify between good and bad, right and wrong is faith. And this comes only with one’s ability to have sound knowledge of the world in general. Being a jack of all trades and master of none is to debate in futility. Specializing in one field brings confidence and faith. You can earn your name in one field and fulfill your desires and needs. This is faith because you earned a name in a field that you are good at.
Writing is my passion. And to write brings me faith. To conclude you should always do what is meaningful to you. This is faith- the ability to get up and go on despite repeated failures. Someday someone whom you were able to help through your kindness or through your halal earned money is true faith.


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