Kingsman a film directed by Mathew Vaughn and written by Jane Goldman is a comedy/action.

The film is about a secret spy agency that recruits trainees for intelligence services. Out of a total of 7 only one survives the rigourous training. They have to pass 5 tests. The first is to hold their breath underwater and to look for the way out. Only Eggsy makes through it. The second test involves training their dog. On the third they are tied to a train track and they have to resist getting untied. In the fourth they are to jump from the plane only to realize that one of them does not have a parachute. The fifth is to shoot the dog each has trained. Eggsy is unable to clear the final test showing that he still has some human element in him. Eggsy returns to his parents who have a strained relationship. He helps his mother and returns to family life.     Set in london, the film is full of surprises and worth watching.


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