Monk written by Andy Brechman and directed by Stephen Surjec is a television serial aired on star world. The episode I will discuss is ‘Mr Monk Bumps his Head.’

Monk is a detective who gets into an accident and consequently becomes a victim of amnesia. The man who saves him gives him money to buy food. As he recovers from the shock whilst eating with the money given to him by the man who saves his life, he seems to develop a soft corner for the waitress at the restaurant .

Meanwhile a woman who calls herself Cora claims to be Adrian Monk’s wife . She tells him his name is Jerry and that he’s a roofer.

Mr Monk goes to the restaurant to give the waitress her remaining money. However he finds out that she quit. As he reads the note by her the detective in him comes out and as he puts two and two together he is led to her murderer and he is re united with his employees who were worried that he may have died in the accident.


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