Monk and the Big Game

Monk continues with his detective skills in the episode titled ‘Monk and the Big Game.’ Basketball coach Haydens dies in an accident in the bathroom. While drying herself up after a bath she is electrocuted as the hair dryer sparks off.

Monk is asked to solve the murder mystery. The basketball girls team comes to him for help. One of the girls is really upset as the apparent evidence points to her being the murderer. In the absence of a basketball coach Natalie,  Monk’s assistant is asked to coach the basketball team. In the last 30 seconds , the purple team (natalie’s team) wins. And Monk is able to resolve the mystery. However, in the remaining 2 seconds the other team wins a point.

The episode is about how one gets up with a firm resolve even after repeated failures. Monk is awarded trophes for all the previous cases he has solved and that adds to his sense of recognition. He stands in admiration of all that he has achieved. This one failure does not let him down. Instead it pulls his spirit up.


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