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The lesson.

Roger was a rich boy born in an aristocratic society. Spoilt by the luxuries of his family, he had no morals or values. He had ruined many a girls life by luring them into the web of his witty conversation and good looks.

However, he could not lure Sheela. Sheela was one such woman who was experienced in the office work and knew how to deal with lewd men like Roger.

She invited Roger to her office. Roger in a drunken stupor advanced towards her. Sheela let him advance on her. She wanted to teach him a lesson.

‘So Hi Roger, how are you?’

‘I’m good, what about you’, he said attractively to sheela.

Sheela took out her video camera and let Roger do what he wanted to.

Suddenly the lights went out.

Roger taking advantage of the darkness advanced towards her.

The lights came back to give Roger a shock.

He was found in his wife’s arms whilst sheela was standing behind.

Roger was given death sentence for toying with two lives.

This was the final verdict.

Moral: Sheela had taught Roger a lesson to be learnt for lifetime.