Kingsman a film directed by Mathew Vaughn and written by Jane Goldman is a comedy/action.

The film is about a secret spy agency that recruits trainees for intelligence services. Out of a total of 7 only one survives the rigourous training. They have to pass 5 tests. The first is to hold their breath underwater and to look for the way out. Only Eggsy makes through it. The second test involves training their dog. On the third they are tied to a train track and they have to resist getting untied. In the fourth they are to jump from the plane only to realize that one of them does not have a parachute. The fifth is to shoot the dog each has trained. Eggsy is unable to clear the final test showing that he still has some human element in him. Eggsy returns to his parents who have a strained relationship. He helps his mother and returns to family life.     Set in london, the film is full of surprises and worth watching.


The lady

She smiled as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. She had finally achieved a victory-a victory over ageing. The wrinkles and sagging skin were finally becoming taut. She was a narcissist. Each time she viewed herself in the mirror, she regained the pleasure of having defeated old age. It was a triumphant feeling. She heard herself whisper self praises all the while she stood in front of the mirror.

Who was she? a madamosielle, a courtesan or a fiam fettelle?

There was war in the subcontinent. India and Pakistan were engaged in a battle of nuclear arms. Both threatened each other-who will drop the bomb first?

The religious scholars, the politicians were all on one side. They were all corrupt to the core. It was during this era of restlessness and chaos that she played her role. The soldiers tired of fighting went to her for solace and comfort.

She was a learned woman. Skilled in art, craft, culinary, fashion, there was no area in which she didn’t master. She was jack of all trades but simultaneously mastered the art of witty communication. She carried forward the tradition of oral storytelling. In her story time, she would highlight the parables of festivity and frolick. She would through her optimism unveil the eyes from the bandage of hate and pain. She was a sincere confidante. She listened intently to the woes and grievances of soldiers and nourished their souls with spiritual care and comfort. She bandaged their physical wounds and healed their mental state. She was like the “god of small things,” things such as finding happiness in a nature or in relationships.


What is faith?

What is faith? It is belief in one God. Not associating any partners with the Omniscient and Omnipresent is the basic principle of faith. Helping others in difficult times is faith. Keeping moderation in your acts is faith. Going to two extremes is a violation of faith. Doing what you feel like doing is faith. Speaking the truth except that which harms someone is faith. Helping humanity within a balance is faith. Earning halal money is faith. Doing things on time is faith. Sharing the burden is faith. Doing your own work is faith. Facing challenges is faith. Spending according to your status is faith. Keeping your friends is faith. Keeping family commitments is faith. Having knowledge and earning respect and success is faith.
Faith evolves with the passage of time. To the modern woman faith has a different concept. It is based on performing well in the work arena. Prayer is an essential component of faith. However, praying without faith means that praying at the expense of your work is not deemed as faith. A person maybe good at heart but if does not pray five times a day will still have faith. Praying is an added benefit to earn good deeds on the Day of Judgement. If you pray but you are not kind to others it is equivalent to sinning. However, if your intention is good then your act will be judged accordingly.
If you have lost something important then only proving yourself to be worthy of recognition is faith. Praying relentlessly without making an effort to prove your-self is not faith. Faith becomes strong with knowledge and education. Following religion blindly i.e. without questioning and thinking of the cost-benefit analysis is fanaticism. However, to every person faith may be a different concept. To respect religious tolerance is also faith but again the basic principle remains the same-not to associate any partners with God. There is only one God.
Observing neutrality in the matter of religion is important. Being practical is also important. Bookish knowledge alone cannot help. Implementing this knowledge also means faith. Traveling to different places, learning about cultural and religious differences is also faith. Learning about different issues that brings you knowledge and confidence to take your own decisions is also faith.
Respecting your parents is faith. However, becoming a slave to their mentality is not faith. Being able to identify between good and bad, right and wrong is faith. And this comes only with one’s ability to have sound knowledge of the world in general. Being a jack of all trades and master of none is to debate in futility. Specializing in one field brings confidence and faith. You can earn your name in one field and fulfill your desires and needs. This is faith because you earned a name in a field that you are good at.
Writing is my passion. And to write brings me faith. To conclude you should always do what is meaningful to you. This is faith- the ability to get up and go on despite repeated failures. Someday someone whom you were able to help through your kindness or through your halal earned money is true faith.


The power of positive thinking.

The theory of deconstruction interprets ones moods and gestures. For instance, the colour symbolism such as black stands for different connotations in different religions. To one person black may stand for elite and sophisticated whilst to another it maybe the colour of sorrow. It is how you interpret the meaning of a certain colour or gesture according to cultural differences.

If you convert the negatives into positives and vice versa the result you achieve will be the consequence of the thinking embedded in your head. Either you think negative and continue to harp upon the negative elements or you move on and find the positive ions instilled within your negative ions and put them to work.

The more negative you think the more negative it will become. If you forget your negativity and find happiness within negative elements you will generate positive vibes and find happiness.

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The lesson.

Roger was a rich boy born in an aristocratic society. Spoilt by the luxuries of his family, he had no morals or values. He had ruined many a girls life by luring them into the web of his witty conversation and good looks.

However, he could not lure Sheela. Sheela was one such woman who was experienced in the office work and knew how to deal with lewd men like Roger.

She invited Roger to her office. Roger in a drunken stupor advanced towards her. Sheela let him advance on her. She wanted to teach him a lesson.

‘So Hi Roger, how are you?’

‘I’m good, what about you’, he said attractively to sheela.

Sheela took out her video camera and let Roger do what he wanted to.

Suddenly the lights went out.

Roger taking advantage of the darkness advanced towards her.

The lights came back to give Roger a shock.

He was found in his wife’s arms whilst sheela was standing behind.

Roger was given death sentence for toying with two lives.

This was the final verdict.

Moral: Sheela had taught Roger a lesson to be learnt for lifetime.


The Courtesan at War

The word ‘courtesan’ is often misinterpreted and considered derogatory. Why? A courtesan is iconic of virtue, refinement and excellence. Thrown at the mercy of the society the courtesan learns to fight against her circumstances to emerge successful. She serves as a role model for other women. Well read on nearly all the issues she can easily shut the mouths of lewd men. She makes her own destiny. She gives the pleasure of her company to only those who can afford her.

Fashion and witty conversation is her main defense against the patriarchal setup. She can easily turn the tables in her favour. Her defense is her sword-the sword of the pen and the real sword. She is strong as iron and will not let her emotions stand in the way of success and leadership.

A courtesan is a woman of dignity. She is in a position to dictate her terms to men. She is wary of expressing any emotions and it takes only a true man to uncover the beauty hidden beneath the daring soul. She can be dangerously playful just like the greedy men around her and then suddenly become cruel and thrust him out of her life. She plays the game on her own terms. No one has the power to take from her what is her’s solely-her charm, wit, beauty are all forces that combine to outwit the double faced men in the society.


Why am I here?

A simple and clear account of why you are here. There is no verbosity. It touches the heart and reaches out to the soul. There are people who will pull your leg and kick you like a football. But at the same time there are those who will encourage you and ask you to pull up your socks. And then there is your family who stands by you through thick and thin. However, all of the trusted relations can sometimes take a 360 degree turn. It is important to understand the true meaning of failure? To repeatedly get up despite falling is not failure. Failure is when you cannot get up after falling down.
I am here to learn the art of blogging. Why? because writing gives you power. I want to write about films, fashion and creative writing. It is my passion.

My Not So Desi Life

It’s easy to lose sight of the purpose of a journey, the reason you started a task. You could be making your way down the long winding road of life, or simply walk into a room and forget why and how you got there.

I started this blog in June, mainly because I have a passion for writing, but I also wanted to share a bit of my life with everyone who’s willing to read. I wanted to write about my life in India. Why I love this country so much, what I hate about it. I wanted to rave and complain, but share the joy and happiness that I’ve found here too.

It’s something that we should all do once in a while, to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Whether it’s something as small as calling your friend or as big as life itself…

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